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I love working with people who have a passion for what they do. So when Katie approached me to do some lifestyle and portrait photos for her I jumped at the chance! Katie is a registered dietitian nutritionist who has taken her passion for helping people eat healthier by creating an amazing website where she posts delicious recipes and health tips. Her food photography is just as awesome as her recipes. Check out the great stuff on her site at Honestly Nourished (LINK). With recipes like “Crazy-Good Chocolate Hummus” (really, chocolate hummus!) and “Healthy Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes” you’re gonna find tons of recipes you’ll love!

I also collaborated with Katie on a few posts to Athleta’s Chi Blog. The recipes are meant for summer, but with the current cold and rainy weather just savoring over the recipes and photos with warm ya up a little.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Healthy Summer Spread
Part #1 (LINK)
Part #2 (LINK)
Part #3 (LINK)
Part #4 (LINK)
Part #5 (LINK)

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